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Diversity in Leadership

Our Vision and Values

Our Vision

The Education and Training Foundation (ETF) is the sector-owned, government-backed workforce development body for the Further Education and Training sector. Its role is to commission and deliver professional learning and development for teachers, leaders and trainers to support government policy and meet sector needs. Our charitable purpose is to improve education and training for learners aged 14 and over.

ETF believes that the key to improving education and training is to support teachers and their leaders to excel.

Everything ETF does is in pursuit of our vision of:

  • Highly effective, professionally confident teachers and trainers
  • First class leadership of the sector
  • FE as the career of choice for ambitious professionals who wish to make a difference.

To achieve our vision, we pursue four strategic objectives:

  1. Setting and promoting high professional standards
  2. Supporting the FE sector to succeed through reform and change
  3. Leading professional development for teachers, trainers, leaders and governors
  4. Creating independent, impartial and comprehensive workforce data and research.

Useful Documents

Strategy for 2018 - 2021
Our Organigram

Our Values

Our Values underpin our approach in supporting the continual transformation of the technical and vocational education system in the UK, they also reflect our ethos and culture.

Developed by our staff, they guide us in how we work with teachers, trainers, leaders, partners and stakeholders alongside how we behave and operate as a team.

  • Responsive: We listen and provide effective solutions
  • Striving for Excellence: We aim for the highest standards in everything we do
  • Inclusive: We reflect your views in our thinking and in our actions
  • Expert: We base our decisions on evidence and expertise
  • Trustworthy: We are open, honest and act with integrity.

We are: